Calming Recovery Serum


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Calm & Soothe Serum is a fast absorbing, silky gel formulated to sooth and minimize irritation, redness and sensitivity. Formulated using a cold-processing technique to ensure that all our bio-active ingredients are maintained at the premium potency for maximum effectiveness.

Targeted Skin Conditions: 

  • Visibly red 
  • Irritated, stinging skin  
  • Stressed skin  
  • Rosacea prone  
  • Acne prone  
  • Over treated skin due to AHA’s, peels, exfoliants 
  • Oncology Skin care

Product Action: 

  • Calms signs of inflammation  
  • Promotes skin's moisture retention  
  • Provides comfort to sensitive skin  
  • Non-comedogenic  
  • Lightweight formula for women & men of all ages  
  • 100% Fragrance & Essential Oil Free  
  • Free of dyes & parabens 
  • Does not contain animal-derived components.
  • Not tested on animals. 
  • GMO free.




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