Rejuvenating PHA Serum


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The next generation of AHAs, called polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), was discovered that provide similar effects as AHAs but do not cause the sensory irritation responses that can limit the use of classical AHAs.

PHAs have been found to be compatible with clinically sensitive skin, including rosacea and atopic dermatitis, and can be used after cosmetic procedures. PHAs provide additional humectant and moisturization properties compared with AHAs and can enhance stratum corneum barrier function, therefore increasing the skin's resistance to chemical challenge. PHAs also possess antioxidant properties.

PHA Benefits & Advantages:

  • Non-toxic, natural occurring component of the skin
  • Provides clinically proven skin smoothing benefits.
  • Functions as a humectant, moisturizer and antioxidant.
  • Less irritation, stinging and burning compared to AHA's. 
  • Skin barrier improvement.
  • Does not increase sun sensitivity due to free-radical scavenging effects.
  • Compatible with topical acne medications without over-drying the skin.


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